Strawberry Swirls

When you're hot on the trends, you need styles that can match your pace! Trade your basic nails for the Meanie Nails Strawberry Swirls set!

Strawberry Swirls


    Your order comes with everything you’ll need:

    - 24 Press on nails in 10 different sizes (this ensures you will find your correct size and even have some spares)

    - Detailed instructions

    - Full application kit (nail glue, cuticle pusher, nail file, adhesive nail tabs, alcohol wipe)

  • Meanie Nails do not compare to regular press-on nails. We do not stand for nails that chip, bend or damage from regular wear.

    Our nails imitate both the strength and appearance of salon acrylics. Our unique nail shapes bring you another level of comfort, as well as a natural look and feel, with the strength of a real nail.

    All of Meanie Nails have been tried and tested to withstand hard wearing and long-term wear. Being nail-obsessed ourselves, we are dedicated to bringing you salon-quality nails, at home.